Search Engine Optimization Services


While Pathway can assist your business in numerous areas, our focus is on generating more revenue and increasing profits.  Because the internet is such a fundamental part of any business today, we have a division exclusively focused on internet marketing services.

Every business has a web site and virtually every web site needs more organic traffic, more visitors and most importantly more conversions.  After all, having more people visit your site is great, but the whole purpose of driving traffic is to convert them into solid prospects and then buying customers. (if you don’t have a web site, you need one.  Let one of our web consultants build one for you)

Since each company is unique and the markets to dominate differ, we create customized search engine optimization programs to meet your specific needs.

This may include, but not be limited to:

  • High profile back links – page ranking 1 to 9
  • High authority back links – .gov, .edu. wiki, angela
  • Web site submissions (WSS)
  • Blog commenting (BC)
  • Social media
  • Social bookmarks
  • Link Wheels
  • Link Pyramids
  • Video submissions
  • Blog network

We will also perform a full seo audit and will help with web site content.

Because each site and business is unique, we work directly with you to develop your comprehensive and customized search engine optimization and traffic conversion solution.

To get started, please email us or fill out this request form to get started.

Or, if you do not want a managed solution and you want to take charge of your sites seo, you can purchase services directly from our team by visiting

To get started, please email us or fill out this request form to get started.