Search Engine Glossary Of Terms

  • High profile back links – page ranking 1 to 9
    PR is a ranking system created by Google to evaluate sites on a scale of 0 – 10.  The higher the PR, the more trusts the site has earned from Google.  Back links that are created from high PR sites carry a lot more SEO value then getting back links from sites with a 0 PR.
  • High authority back links – .gov, .edu. wiki, angela
    Google prioritizes user experience, so if your site is referred to by a .edu, .gov, wiki, anela etc websites, it is natural that these back links are created generously by Google which means much higher SERPs!
  • Web site submissions (WSS)
    Submitting your website to high ranking sites with back links brings you more traffic.  Every time you add new content to your site the RSS feeds will be updated automatically which helps to bring additional visitors to your site.
  • Blog commenting (BC)
    Blog commenting is a great way to create instant traffic for your site.  When you do Blog Commenting, you do two things – create visibility and identity.   Blog Commenting creates traffic for your site and builds credible back links.
  • Social Media & Social bookmarks
    Social Media is an effort to create back links for websites on Social Media platforms.  Google has commented on the importance of Social Media in relation to their SERPs.  It works on this logic – if your website is featured more times on Social Media, chances are, your site has better quality contents (as people tend to share great contents), and therefore, they are more relevant to Google’s users!
  • Link Wheels
    Link Wheels boosts traffic and your search engine rank position, used for major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Link Wheels is also knows as Social Wheels.
  • Link Pyramids
    Link Pyramids go hand in hand with High Authority Back Links – .gov, .edu. wiki, angela, with Link Pyramids you are added to a blog, wiki and then .gov sites, it’s a combination of using the High Authority Back Links.
  • Video submissions
    Did you know that video sites are seen as one of the fastest growing Social Media platforms? Google has explicitly mentioned that they’re taking social media very seriously into their Google SERPs’ algorithm.  Google owns Youtube, the worlds largest search engine.  Imagine how credible would a back link from Youtube be in the eyes of Google? Not to mention if you have the same video on sites like Metacafe, Vimeo, Viddler and other authoritative video sites.
  • Blog network
    A blog network is a group of bloggers participating in a community where each one of them will allow other bloggers to post contents on their blogs (with a link back to their own blogs of course). This way, each one of them is guaranteed to get thousands of links just by posting contents among themselves.